shopping // of a kind

Every time I try and get into a regular rhythm of blogging, my life goes crazy. So here it is, I’m going to try harder, I will fail less, and I still won’t have a regular posting schedule. So there’s that. And without further ado…shopping.

Of a Kind, it is pretty safe to say that I’m obsessed. If you have no idea of what I refer to, here is a bit about them per their website:

“We select designers whose work we love and feature them on the site, one at a time. We share a series of stories about each designer—inspirations, personal life, taste, training, you name it—along with a limited-edition piece designed exclusively for Of a Kind.”

I love the products, I love the designers I find through them, and I love the weekly emails from the founders Claire and Erica (I’ve been known to forward them to many people and use them, in meetings with my boss, as examples about the proper use of email newsletters). I also really love that right now everything is on sale and with that, I’m sharing my current “I Want” list with the world.

**If you were not recently reminded by your mother that you are on a budget, you can take 35% off everything with code UPINYOURGRILL through 07/08/2014 (so exciting!)


whit & whimsy // son family session

I think it is fairly safe to say that I love the Son family. I have been friends with Daniel and Kate for quite some time, like pre-babies/marriage/dating quite some time and it has been so fun to watch their lives grow and develop over the years. It has been even more fun to be one of their family photographers! I had the great joy of photographing their first-born Gigi’s newborn and six-month photos and was so pleased to be able to be able to photograph their family before they leave D.C. for the wilds of Buffalo, NY. I’m going to miss you all!



photo life // week in review

It was a week full of craziness. Unplanned building maintenance forced me from my office for the week and I learned something, this former homeschooler can’t focus on work for an entire week at home. #shamefaced. So I found places to go to shake things up. From my ever-beloved Union Market, to a lunch date with happy Henry and Liz, to the home of the best baked goods in D.C. (outside of my kitchen) Baked and Wired. It was pretty phenomenal.


And it ended on the high note of Opening Day baseball at Nats Park! Because what is better than leaving work early, eating limited amounts of ballpark food (being gluten-free is a bit rough there but it’s getting better) and hanging out with awesome people.

To the weekend we go!

Life, Photography

photo fun // …and then, a penguin

In October of last year (2013), a small six person horde ventured to New Orleans to celebrate the 30th year of Ann Frances Entwistle. It was a time of crazy craziness, I mean we’re taking bike rides and long walks and trips to Whole Foods and lots and lot of champagne. Doesn’t it sound wild? It was super great times. That, however, is not the point of this point. The point is to show, that I, Whitney Porter, met and snuggled a penguin. Pretty much, I can die happy.

#afeis30 #wrpwasalmost28



photo fun // snow days + marie

It is so wonderful to have friends that run with your whims. Especially whims that involve days when it is colder then ever and snow is covering the ground. Luckily, I have Marie for that. And tromping in the snow we went. Fifteen minutes later I had zero feeling in my hand, so I was doubting it was worth it. I’ve since changed my mind. Thanks to Marie for being the best partner in crime ever.



photo fun // contemporary dance

I can’t really say how old I was when I started down the road of ballet, what I can remember was the black leotard, the pink tights and the leather full-soled pink ballet shoes. I had an adorable dance bag that was everything that a seven/eight year old very klutzy, girly girl could want. And it was wonderful.

Fast forward a few years and high school Whitney spent a lot of time in a dance studio and I loved it. I wasn’t the best but I managed pointe work, triple pirouettes, big jumps and petite jumps, and the Nutcracker…year in and year out. There were children’s shows and there were more rehearsals then I can even recall and countless laughs and stretches and legwarmers. So many legwarmers.

I left for college and I left dance behind. I was supposed to be intellectual, I was going to change the world, and ballet clearly wasn’t part of that. Every now and then I would moonlight in a random class here and there. I channeled the need for creativity into photography, taking much of my inspiration from the ever amazing Rosalie O’Connor (dancer with the American Ballet Theatre and a photographer). And then a couple of years ago I went back to the world that I had assumed was done when I became an adult (a term I use loosely), but not into ballet…oh heavens no…into the world of contemporary jazz through Joy of Motion (a group of studios in D.C.). Slowly but surely I ended up in small performances and ya’ll let me tell you, 28 year-old me doesn’t hold up as well as 16 year-old me. I’ve never bruised so easily in my life!

Let’s fast forward to a couple of weeks ago (yeah, so we’re doing a lot of fast-forwarding in this post). I contemplated hanging up my camera strap, the way I hung up the pointe shoes all those years ago. Instead I did something different. For three weeks I hauled my camera to rehearsal with me. I recorded the moments with snap the image of someone stretching. I used sections where I wasn’t dancing to capture movement and emotion. And when there was a part when all I could think was, “I need this on film” I stopped mid-movement and picked up the camera. Clearly, I’m the dream dancer for a choreographer (sorry, Derek). Maybe it’s time to pick up the pointe shoes again, as well.


inspiration // time for a Christmas Party!

It is no surprise to anyone that I love to throw a party. Like a lot. And let’s be totally honest it’s pretty much so that I can spend 2 weeks crafting and decorating and dreaming up overly complicated thing, which thanks to Pinterest I can keep my crazy organized. I acknowledge that it’s a bit ridiculous*.

With the party closing in (Saturday night!!), I figured I would share some of the amazing images that inspired me this time around.


** (Ann, I’m not renting a snow machine…no matter how much you think I’m crazy enough to do that).
** all image sources can be found here.


whit & whimsy // mini-session fun, pt. 1

Okay everyone, I don’t think I can totally express how I feel about our fall mini sessions. Sometimes, when my 9-5 job is insane I think, what in heavens name was I thinking…I just want to sleep in. Other moments I go with, I could be sleeping in on the weekend but instead I’m [fill-in-the-blank]. (Are we seeing a theme?)

But then I get out there and I start shooting, and I get home and I protest editing, but once it’s done I am just tickled pink by what has appeared. And this, is what appeared.


musical monday // daughter

Two weeks ago, Marie and I channeled our inner hipster. For us that means going to see a band, that most people haven’t heard of, that sings lyrics that could be deemed a bit depressing, with a bunch of intoxicated twenty-somethings and girls that use lines like, remember ten years ago when we were 9? Shudder.

A trio out of the U.K., Daughter is amazing and adorable and great and so British. The music is just wonderful, and when an electric guitar was being played with a cello bow, I decided that this was just another sign of their greatness. And with that, a little glimpse unto our evening.

Daughter @ the 9:30 club  Daughter @ the 9:30 club



food stuffs // a scarecrow

Once upon a time there was a sad scarecrow who wanted to save the world one organic veggie at a time. Once upon a time, one gluten-free girl in D.C. was very happy for the people who care enough to know what is in what they cook and not make her sick.

When I saw this three-minute, barely-branded Chipotle ad (for a game nonetheless), I really did think what is this and it’s going to be absurd. And then the ad totally hit me in the organic-loving heart (for those are like, i’ve seen what you sometimes eat, yes, I still eat Doritos, I can’t help it…I’m working on it).

Let’s cultivate a better world.