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There is something wonderful about working from home, and the wonderfulness only increases when you want to curl up in a ball and meditate on the depressing with no one else around. In moments like this, I always want to do something crazy and spontaneous. Really when it comes down to it, I really just want to say out loud all the things that I hold back.

So I have conversations out loud with, not surprising to anyone you knows me, imaginary people. And pretty much in this, I convince myself to leave well enough alone. But instead this time, it’s just a matter of a whole host of questions and thoughts in my mind and oh heavens are they random, with some applying to me and others being totally, totally random:

  • Who decided that winter is wonderful cause it’s one of the four seasons? It’s cold. It’s not fun. It makes my nose cold.
  • Is hulu going to really start charging?
  • Could I handle relocation to a new city and state?
  • French fries are a perfect food, when not cold and soggy.
  • New Harry Potter trailer was leaked and I can’t wait till Nov 2010.
  • In movies people make it look so easy to admit loving someone, what is that all about?
  • I want to do work, the kind that doesn’t make me feel like I’m repaying student loans for nothing.
  • There was a couple holding hands in front of me, for the first time in my life I was jealous.
  • Why can’t life be simple and easy?
  • There are several movies coming out that I want to see, I know this cause I watched trailers on Apple all day long
  • Who decided that there are friend categories and dateable people categories?
  • I make a damn good cupcake.
  • Dear Mom, I don’t want to “try to flirt” or appease a guy’s ego to get attention. That isn’t me. End of story.
  • DVR is an invention of the gods.
  • NYU 2011, let the application process begin.
  • Why….
  • The Little Mermaid soundtrack just started playing from my iTunes list, from LM to Pocahontas…Greatness.
  • In addition to the word debauchery, I love the word clandestine.
  • The real question, “Is something coming just around the river bend”
  • Mentality of a 8 year old girl, check.
  • It’s a wonder I can function with this much randomness in my head, oh wait, I can’t function.

It’s a great life I lead, even with all the ups and downs and major moments of bafflement…as I sit here singing along to ‘Colors of the Wind’ as my roommate walks into the house.

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  1. A

    So… clandestine debauchery would be your ideal. THAT sounds like you. Right. Maybe clandestine Disney song singing. Or debaucherous cupcakes (you should totally make the margarita cookies into cupcakes!)

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