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etsy find: knot & bow

There are days when you want something pretty to just appear on your doorstep, and then there are those other days. The days when you wished you owned a sewing machine and had every possible crafting item known to man-kind. At the immediate moment in my world, that has come out in the form of packaging. Then I found Knot & Bow on Etsy.


So for all those who love browsing through real weddings or sees awesome glitter twine on a design blog and wonders where they can get something like that, you’re welcome.

the Knot and Bow shop can be found here:


must have monday: a valentine?

Dear Friends.

Due to work insanity (read: a four day conference exhibit) I will be delayed in getting out fun, quirky valentines. I am leaning toward the above two. That being said, I would really like a valentine (I would settle for a someecard or a blog comment) to distract me as I get to work at 6:20 AM tomorrow. That would be sweet of you.


P.S. So what is the best Valentine that you have ever received?

More information on the above designs can be found on [1] Oh Happy Day and on [2] Mer Mag


a valentine’s day craft

Less a craft, more a super simple print out + baking project.

Twig & Thistle brings us this adorable print out for your Valentine’s Day baked good given. Unless you don’t give baked goods, which is just sad to think, but maybe you can look at this as a great time to start. And it will even come with awesome packaging. People will think you are amazing. Feel free to send me a sample of your work.

Template can be found online at


wedding wednesday: a pom pom craft

Cotton balls (like real cotton, not the kind you get at the drugstore) is one of the current trends in southern weddings. And I love it. So when I saw this today, all I could think of was, I’m making these tonight.

All I can think of is these in a tall vase, in a variety of colors, or strung as a garland. The best part is I have everything I need to make them at home.

You can find the instructions on


christmas: diy mini-wreaths

The holidays are getting closer, so I figured why not feature a second great DIY Christmas idea.

This one comes from Jenny of Hank + Hunt, and is…wait for it…mini-tinsel wreaths (I originally saw it on the Sweetest Occasion, and just like the mini trees from earlier in the week, I love the idea lots and lots)

Now if only I had an extra five hours in my day, maybe I could accomplish some cute crafting projects.


christmas: diy mini-trees

When you’re planning a Christmas party, all sorts of fun DIY stuff jumps out and grabs a hold of you.

Today’s amazing DIY item comes from the Sweetest Occasion. If only I could make it at my desk while at the office, but maybe instead it can be my “on the bus” project…(fastest way to annoy my seatmate, hi Linds!)

Because who doesn’t need adorable mini-trees made from paper.

find the instructions at