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DIY: dip dye

Currently dip dye is in. It’s trendy, it’s in all of the magazines. Yesterday, I got an email from my mom with a trendy dip dyed shirt. But nothing really made me want to go out and buy paint and a bucket until these. I… Read More

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brightly colored streamers

I want to make these, plain and simple. Once it happens, I’m sure I’ll be able to give a full DIY breakdown. But just on first glance, I’m seeing two embroidery hoops (different sizes to fit inside of each other), multiple colors of streams and a… Read More

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a valentine’s day craft

Less a craft, more a super simple print out + baking project. Twig & Thistle brings us this adorable print out for your Valentine’s Day baked good given. Unless you don’t give baked goods, which is just sad to think, but maybe you can look at this… Read More

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christmas: diy mini-wreaths

The holidays are getting closer, so I figured why not feature a second great DIY Christmas idea. This one comes from Jenny of Hank + Hunt, and is…wait for it…mini-tinsel wreaths (I originally saw it on the Sweetest Occasion, and just like the mini trees from earlier… Read More

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christmas: diy mini-trees

When you’re planning a Christmas party, all sorts of fun DIY stuff jumps out and grabs a hold of you. Today’s amazing DIY item comes from the Sweetest Occasion. If only I could make it at my desk while at the office, but maybe instead it… Read More

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