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foodie friday: homemade pesto

We have an out of control basil plant in our backyard. It’s pretty impressive because I generally kill every plant in sight. But the basil, greek oregano, and mint…oh they are thriving. The other day we noticed that the basil was going to seed and,… Read More

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oh happy day

I love Julia Child. So when a coworker sent me the above from PBS Digital Studios, I may have re-watched it repeatedly. Cause, well, it’s amazing and I, as a little person, watched Julia on PBS with Jacques Pepin…my intro to the food world. So… Read More

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food art

I love this print by Bryan Schutmaat available on 20×200. It may soon live on my wall. I may soon need more walls (or I may actually have to start hanging what I have). Someday it will happen.