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life // because yearning stays.

There is something about compliments and attention that has always made me hesitant. Lately (not shockingly), I have been settling into the image of my perfect single life. It’s the image of world travel, and photography, and caftans, and essentially perfection. But it’s a band-aid… Read More

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photo life // week in review

It was a week full of craziness. Unplanned building maintenance forced me from my office for the week and I learned something, this former homeschooler can’t focus on work for an entire week at home. #shamefaced. So I found places to go to shake things… Read More

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life // it’s okay, I have slutty hair

“Worldly is that which is sensual, that which stimulates, titillates or inflames the flesh. This includes many dating activities such as kissing, touching (forerunners to sex), petting (sex with your clothes on), or dancing (sex with your clothes on standing up). It also includes how… Read More