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Two weeks ago, Marie and I channeled our inner hipster. For us that means going to see a band, that most people haven’t heard of, that sings lyrics that could be deemed a bit depressing, with a bunch of intoxicated twenty-somethings and girls that use lines like, remember ten years ago when we were 9? Shudder.

A trio out of the U.K., Daughter is amazing and adorable and great and so British. The music is just wonderful, and when an electric guitar was being played with a cello bow, I decided that this was just another sign of their greatness. And with that, a little glimpse unto our evening.

Daughter @ the 9:30 club  Daughter @ the 9:30 club


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a musical interlude


It has been a bit slow around here, I admit it, but Whit & Whimsy stole a lot of my energy away during the fall and into December. However, I promise we are getting back on the horse.

So as a small token of the sharing that is to come, today I bring you a musical interlude by The Staves. I stumbled across this video on the blog of the amazing Kate Miss, For Me, For You, and have listened to it on repeat since then!

enjoy! – wp

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Musical Tuesday: the Sing Off

It is the start of NaBloPoMo (otherwise known as National Blog Posting Month). It’s crazy. It’s really just when all the crazy bloggers get together and conspire to overfill your RSS feeds/google readers. And (mwahaha), I love it.

So I’m starting out with a video.

Of the Sing-Off.

I love the Sing-Off. A cappella, be still my heart. (isn’t that always the case, love what you can’t do).

Moving on. There are some amazing groups on this season and I can’t really decide who I love the most. Pentatonix, from Arlington, TX…this week you tied with the wonderful all girls group, Delilah. And in case you all aren’t watchers of the show, I made sure to embed both videos for you.

You can thank me later. Or in the comment section. :)

The Sing-Off is on Monday Nights at 8PM on NBC

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In your ocean I’m ankle deep/I feel the waves crashing on my feet
It’s like I know where I need to be, but/I can’t figure out, I can’t figure out
Just how much air I will need to breathe/When your wave crashes over me
There’s only one way to figure out/But will you let me drown
Will you let me drown

Hey now, this is my desire/Consume me like a fire
‘Cause I just want/Something beautiful to touch me
I know that I’m in reach/’Cause I am down on my knees
And waiting for/Something beautiful

And the water is rising quick/And for years I was scared of it
We can’t be sure when it will subside/So I won’t leave your side
No I can’t leave your side

Hey now, this is my desire/Consume me like a fire
‘Cause I just want/Something beautiful to touch me
I know that I’m in reach/’Cause I am down on my knees
And waiting for/Something beautiful

In a day dream, I couldn’t live like this/I wouldn’t stop until I found something beautiful
When I wake up, knowing all I have/Is still not what I need
(something beautiful)

Hey now, this is my desire/Consume me like a fire
‘Cause I just want/Something beautiful to touch me
I know that I’m in reach/’Cause I am down on my knees
And waiting for/Something beautiful
Oh,oh,oh,oh.oh.oh.oh something beautiful (x2)


– something beautiful, needtobreathe

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when all seems lost.

This week can be summarized by the following things:

Tears. Lots of Tears.
Disappointment at choices made.

The weekend can be summarized by something that is full of understanding:

Life is full of light and shadow
O the joy and O the sorrow

O the sorrow

And yet will He bring
Dark to light
And yet will He bring
Day from night

When shadows fall on us
We will not fear
We will remember

When darkness falls on us
We will not fear
We will remember

When all seems lost
When we’re thrown and we’re tossed
We remember the cost
We rest in Him
Shadow of the cross

– “Shadows,” David Crowder Band

This week’s mantra: “When shadows fall on us, we will not fear, we will remember.”

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As I listen to Glee: Volume 1 and Glee: Volume 2, I am convinced they are channeling my life into a TV soundtrack. Current obesssion of the moment (off of volume one), Rachel’s cover of Celine Dion’s Taking Chances.

Why, cause the chorus screams a mantra from college…Just Say Jump:

What do you say to taking chances,
What do you say to jumping off the edge?
Never knowing if there’s solid ground below
Or hand to hold, or hell to pay,
What do you say,
What do you say?
“Taking Chances,” Glee: Volume 1

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#9 + sanity

Number 9 on the Bucket List was checked off tonight.

Oh yes happy people, tonight…I met Alton Brown. He signed my book, we spoke and there was a photo op moment. It was awesome. Our “conversation” was even more awesome as it went something like this:

Me: Ummm, you’re on my list….
AB: what list (with the same raised eyebrow you see on the show)
Me: …the list of people I want to meet before I die
AB: Do you currently have a life threatening illness?
Me: Nope, totally healthy

Yep. I told him he was on my bucket list, and he had a snarky response! AMAZING! His lecture was also awesome. In included such gems like “how do you make kids eat? DON’T GIVE IN TO THE LITTLE TERRORISTS,” the concept that chickens don’t have fingers, that China should not make canned chili for the USA, how people should take more the 5mins to eat cause no other wolf is going to come steal your food, and the following slides:

All ending with this quirky Food Network star of Good Eats

All in all, it was a wonderful night. Lecture, meeting AB and a fantabulous episode of the ever so ridiculous Glee, which I must say as crazy as it is…it may have used one of my not-admitted-favorites tonight. So to end on a great reminder in the midst of my up and down sanity and many mental changes in life, I give you…wait for it…Keep Holding On, by the one and only Avril Lavigne:

There’s nothing you could say/Nothing you could do/There’s no other way when it comes to the truth
So keep holding on
‘Cause you know we’ll make it through/we’ll make it through

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Music Scores, and why I’m may move to LA

Music soothes my soul, let’s however stipulate that it is normally classical music that does so. I chalk it up to 14+ years of ballet (13 hard core years). When you dance you channel a seriously deep emotion, and add in the music and you’re a goner. Thus, I love give me a good instrumental and I’ll be as happy as a clam. But my real instrumental love:

Movie Scores.

I love them (well done ones of course). When done right, they can draw you in to a performance and can carry you along through the scope of emotions that a scene, or act or dance, is meant to inspire. My love go beyond the wonder of John Williams (Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc) and ventures into some unknown and some popular.

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