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shopping // of a kind

Every time I try and get into a regular rhythm of blogging, my life goes crazy. So here it is, I’m going to try harder, I will fail less, and I still won’t have a regular posting schedule. So there’s that. And without further ado…shopping.… Read More

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wantful. i want.

Sometimes you find something that is so perfect, brilliant and amazing that you want to: a. share it with everyone b. give it to everyone c. hide it away for yourself and tell no one (but be the super awesome gift giver) Because I blog,… Read More

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camera strap search

The week before last my camera was stolen, or as a co-worker put it, a piece of my soul was taken. So while renter’s insurance is great and dandy (and is cutting me a check for my camera) there are just some things it can’t… Read More

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etsy find: NYrika

So this find may be a wee bit off the norm for me (mostly because I don’t have kids). But I spend a lot of time with some pretty cute ones and I’m thinking that pretty soon several of them may be getting this super… Read More