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a musical interlude


It has been a bit slow around here, I admit it, but Whit & Whimsy stole a lot of my energy away during the fall and into December. However, I promise we are getting back on the horse.

So as a small token of the sharing that is to come, today I bring you a musical interlude by The Staves. I stumbled across this video on the blog of the amazing Kate Miss, For Me, For You, and have listened to it on repeat since then!

enjoy! – wp

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blogshop // video + a turkey teaser


At the beginning of September, I got to go on a trip. No, not vacation, although I did that too. Nope…I went off to the magical land of blogshop.  A wonderland created by Bri Emery and Angela Kohler to teach people, in two days, the greatness that is photoshop. After spending a day with them in LA as a part of Feet First, I jumped at the chance to head up to NYC for a one-day learning adventure into the new video editing features in CS6 and of course I couldn’t miss out on taking a photo or two or twenty to capture the day.




A few of my favorite instagrams from the day.


Needless to say, after an awesome day with an equally awesome group of people, it was time to take my newly developed skills on the road. So I hopped on a plane and flew to Turkey that very night (convenient how that worked out, isn’t it?) So here is a little teaser of a week in Turkey with Ann, brought to you by the photoshop skills learned at blogshop.

*Also, as an aside: blogshop is hosting a contest for the best video of our group, and knowing how competitive I am you can have no doubt that I am in this for the win. Also, this video is my official entry for the blogshop photoshop contest. Wish me luck!

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oh happy day

I love Julia Child.

So when a coworker sent me the above from PBS Digital Studios, I may have re-watched it repeatedly. Cause, well, it’s amazing and I, as a little person, watched Julia on PBS with Jacques Pepin…my intro to the food world. So Happy 100th Birthday, Julia Child! You did more for the food world than anyone even thought possible.

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude” — Julia Child

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wedding wednesday: meet+cute films

I have  strong personal wedding opinions. I believe in first looks, I love small passed food, dessert tables are key, photography is a big deal and your videographer needs to be awesome.

Which brings us to today’s post. Meet+Cute Films.

The good videographers have an eye for detail, a great conceptual mind and, well, an ear for great musical pairing. Meet+Cute is rocking all of those elements. Which is why I especially love the video above.


back to the topic at hand. A little about them: “Meet+Cute is a full service film production company dedicated to bringing you beautiful stories through film.  We’ll share your love story, from the engagement to your first dance, design and shoot commercial content for your website or television…or produce just about any project you might have in mind with a playful, creative, and joyful aesthetic…and have fun doing it.

Based in Charlottesville, VA, the team is made up of Adam Clark (Director, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Editor), Eric Kelley (Photographer, Associate, Camera Operator) and Lora Kelley (Business Manager, Stylist).

So if you are searching for an awesome team, contact them at meetcutefilms (at) 

Also, all the awesome media is c/o Meet+Cute & Eric Kelley Photography

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have you met my baby…

…baby brother that is.

Today I feel like I have been gifted with the older sister keys to the kingdom. Yesterday I got this gem from my aunt, by way of my mother.

Brief background, my brother moved back to LA at the end of August for school. He is living with my aunt, uncle, and 9-year old and 6-year old cousins. He loves it. This is about to be proven.


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travel to-do: vegas by way of la

Photography is my passion. I would also love to travel more. I also have several friends that would be great travel companions.

Imagine my excitement when I figured out a way to have all three at one time. So let’s imagine: an Our Labor of Love Feet First session, Las Vegas, February. Now imagine that it gets better (cause oh yeah it does). One Miss Madeline Peters and one Miss Whitney Porter…flying to LA, frolicking, road tripping to Vegas, a photography workshop experience of a lifetime. All I have to say is….LA and Las Vegas…get ready because a Peters/Porter Extravaganza may be coming your way.

Feet First + B L O G S H O P !

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beauty in movement

I would love to dance semi-professionally again. To be in a company. To feel the butterflies in my stomach as my counts of music approach to cue my entrance on stage. But mostly, I want to feel the beauty of the music, of the movement.

Like the naomi, the writer behind the blog rockstar diaries and the one who lead me to the video through said blog, all I wanted to do was get up and have an improv dance moment in the living room. To be completely honest, I still do…after the fifteenth watch.

Thought of You by Ryan J Woodward
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must have/mission monday: clean water

have you met charity: water (@charitywater).

If you haven’t, you are missing something special. Charity: water is an organization that believes in bringing water to people in developing nations. They devote 100% of their donations and their time to this cause, none of it goes to the administration of the non-profit (there is a separate special group of people who give solely for that end). And when at first they don’t succeed, they try try again. And September, launches their fifth birthday campaign where they have pledged to raise $1.2 million to obtain a new drilling rig and all the things that go with it.

So maybe take a moment this September to be thankful for the little things we take for granted, and to maybe give to allow other people the gift of clean water.

(In case you aren’t convinced, a video to inspire).

Learn more/donate to charity: water at: