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oh happy day

I love Julia Child. So when a coworker sent me the above from PBS Digital Studios, I may have re-watched it repeatedly. Cause, well, it’s amazing and I, as a little person, watched Julia on PBS with Jacques Pepin…my intro to the food world. So… Read More

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foodie friday: ricotta cheese

    In my great attempts to emulate both Little House on the Prairie and every cooking blog alive, I decided to make my own ricotta cheese (because going to the grocery store sounded difficult). But to answer all the questions of “is it really… Read More

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I can read a cookbook cover to cover, pretty much the same way I could read Harry Potter. I love them. Though I do say, I generally only love the ones with lots of pictures. But I have collected some great ones over the years.… Read More

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food love.

-This was my lunch, that made it on to the iPhone because it was served on a cutting board with cute cast iron servingware (lunch: Againn Gastropub) Let me count the forms I love thee in: Food quotes, food photos, food trivia, cookbooks, cakes, cookies,… Read More