The completed list:: some fun, some regret, some shame…but most of all, a lot of hope

100 things about me
1. I hate creepy-crawly things…and spiders
2. Throughout high school I thought I was brilliant, college changed that.
3. I listen to depressing music to feel better
4. I speak the worst French ever…so bad that the usage of the verb “speak” is a tad too nice
5. 14+ years of classical ballet, and my feet still hate me for it
6. Bar hopping, can’t stand it
7. I’m not quite tall, and actually a bit short
8. I have the gift of hospitality
9. I count the beat in every song I hear, I blame the ballet for it
10. Skirts are my favorite item of clothing
11. I nap to hide from the world
12. Loyalty to my friends will always win over personal happiness
13. Shoes were my obsession of high school
13. Handbags are my problem of the present
14. I can’t stand chocolate ice cream, ever
15. I bake because I love it
16. I also bake to make friends
17. I am a night person
18. I am extremely pro-life, but I know things can’t and won’t really change
19. I can’t stand one issue voters; however, sometimes I only vote because of the babies
20. Senior year of college was when I regretted my major
21. Nora Roberts allows me to retreat from reality
22. I love cheesecake, a lot
23. I can pose for a photo in under 5 seconds
24. My friends can’t stand the above item
25. I had a nervous breakdown in college
26. I love chick flicks and chick lit
27. I carry a mom bag and I love it
28. I love Jesus
29. Church people occasionally make me nuts, it makes me feel hypocritical
30. I am a messy person, I like to call it organizational messy
31. I am super multi-cultural and biracial
32. I am ashamed that I sometimes blame my singleness on the above
33. I hate working out
34. I love oranges, and tangerines, and clementines
35. I joke that I would name a daughter clementine…it may not be a joke
36. Cold Weather is Bad
37. I left the West Coast for the East…I’m not going back
38. I could write a novel based the story I’ve weaved in my mind
39. I love blogs, all blogs
40. I would pick the Disney Channel over MTV/VH1/or most other channels any day
41. I get really excited when telling stories, they’re never as exciting as I sound
42. I can’t carry a tune, I don’t let that stop me…
43. I don’t sugar-coat advice…ever
44. I am passive-aggressive, period.
45. Bad Decisions: Something I tried to leave behind in high school…
46. …but wanted to re-live senior year of college, I didn’t
47. My biggest fear is disappointing people
48. I wish my hair was straighter and my hips smaller
49. I love classical, pop, rock, country and rap…
50. I swore in high school I would never have children
51. …now I worry that I may have had some serious foreshadowing
52. I love Sale Prices, thus I will find the cheapest price of whatever I want.
53. I can find just about anything on the internet, because Google is my friend
54. I have big feet and little hands
55. Sports bore me
56. Sometimes I wish I had gone into dance as a career, sadly, I’m not built like a dancer
57. I stopped eating Hot Dogs and McDonald’s when I was 10
58. I am extremely indecisive
59. I do the crossword puzzles in ink
60. The above two combined is why I never finish a crossword puzzle
61. I hold myself to unattainable standards
62. I am a foodie…and love books on all things food
63. I could eat cheese in every meal, which seems kind of gross
64. Even when I talk about my problems, I leave big things out
65. I can be extremely inappropriate in my come backs, but only when I’m comfortable with a person
66. I am rarely fully comfortable with people
67. …despite that, I try to always act at ease in every situation…and I fail
68. Mess with my friends or family and I will dislike you for a long while
69. I love movies that don’t require thinking
70. But I still love social commentaries, like Crash
71. I’ve been described as having an unhealthy love for women’s social history
72. Freshman year of college I stopped talking to boys that like girls…
73. Boys that liked boys, they saved me from myself
74. Favorite attribute of my body, totally my cleavage
75. Monopoly, Clue and Yahtzee are the best games ever
76. I’m jealous of my friends who know what they want to do with their lives
77. My career and grad school dreams are in flux, major flux
78. I cry at books and movies because I think of them as real
79. I am an adult that owns Harry Potter, Disney cartoons, the Muppets and Veggie Tales
80. I love when people ask my ethnic/racial background
81. I have the weirdest cravings ever, like roast beef, and they last for days
82. I compulsively buy chocolate and give most of it away
83. Penguins are the happiest animal on the planet, especially the ones that tap dance
84. I am always fine, sometimes f.i.n.e.
85. I’m addicted to Gchat
86. I think my family is cooler than me
87. I avoid relationships
88. I majored in government, I interned in the government, I work for the government….I hate the government.
89. I hate takeoffs and landings on planes, probably since for years I used to get sick with the latter
90. I love kitchen stuff, most especially square dishes and kitchen aid mixers
91. I compulsively pull out all the inserts in the magazines before I (or anyone else) can read it
92. Call me in the middle of the night cause you need someone to talk to, I’ll answer
93. When people apologize for random things, I generally like to utter the phrase “It’s okay…I cried.”
94. The majority of dancers suffer from long-term food issues, I wish I had been in the minority without having fought so hard to get there.
95. I can’t go to bed before midnight, cause Hannah Montana is on at 11:30
96. More then being scared of relationships, I fear rejection
97. My favorite season of the West Wing is the third, it’s also the season in which I cry…a lot.
98. Conservative Republican…and Loving Every Moment.
99. I have a tear duct that waters…all the time, just one.
100. I can’t be fit into a box (not even an extra large one)
101. I look to the future with a semi-open mind, but with lots of hope


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