In the beginning…

In the beginning there was light…and then somewhere way down the road a blog was born…and then way down that road, this one was brought into this internet world.

I feel like the beginning post always has to hit the majors: who in the world are you, where are you, and why in heavens name are you blogging. We’re going to skip that first one for now, say that I’m on the East Coast for the second one…and then ponder that latter one.

So, not to sugar coat this at all, but blogging is trendy. And I have enough pent up frustration and pseudo-creativity that I seem to think I should be able to have a trendy outlet like a blog. Pretty much, this could fail before it even takes off running.  But I digress now…J.Crew, which sends about the happiest emails in the world (cause who doesn’t like hearing that the $170 dress they liked is on sale for $50 and then another 20% off), just sent another fantastic additional 20 % email. And needless to say all plans to type about how I’m off my diet due to the baked goods I made last night is off. Cause the color I want is only in the size I am aspiring to. So I’m buying the dress, for $39 in a size that probably won’t zip over my well endowed ‘endowment.’ That digression…maybe a $100 set back…the blogging should probably end before I change the title to “Pathetically Broke.”

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