Life Lessons…

So today was going to be a lovely day, 2 people back to work after 2 weeks on travel, it was going to snow…

 …Well snow it did, people did come back, lovely day however, it so far is not. I’m far to passive aggressive to have a normal, fully-functional life (oh heavens, cause the web needs another passive-agressive blogger). But problems at work came up, and supposedly I was at the root of them, and it legitimately wasn’t my fault. And while most people say that and it isn’t true, I swear I’m so right about this one. Now I’m more concerned that this office person may bring harm to me when they return from what should have been a very happy weekend.

But back to happier things, so yesterday was fabulous! Pretty much being gross and sick was overcome by bestowing baked goods upon some fabulous people. Because when it comes down to it, my mom told me to make friends by baking (although that recently has been revised to, go out and bake and maybe you’ll find a man). I mean I am all for the babies and the man (like now), but I mean for serious…22, mom, and I can’t get a date to save my life. But I am at least baking, for people of the opposite gender…kind of. 


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