So sick and yet so funny

So, as a warning to people I will share a little fact that didn’t make it into the 101 things list. When I’m sick, like really sick, I get petulant and by that I mean really petulant. But because I know this and am aware of how annoying it is to people, I try and avoid people when I’m in this state.

So, Friday I left work early due to the sickness. And because I wanted to be taken care of in my time of “need” I drove the 2 hours home to Mom and Dad’s, or as we’re calling it these days, the Sick Ward. This could be due to the fact that the sick people include, me, little brother, mom and 2 cousins. We are just a happy-nose blowing mess. So I get home and proceed to lie of the couch and not move off of it till 11:30 when I climbed into my bed. The perk of the sick house…I think we watched Enchanted three times, and the best bit of that is my young cousin, who is 3, loves the “kissy part.” It’s absolutely hysterical. Cause her older sister (6) is all like “ewww, they are kissing” and I wanted to be like, one day you won’t say that. But my wee one, she loves it and asks for it to be repeated normally with the line “did I miss the kissy part…can you rewind it.”

Other funny thing she’s done this weekend and my personal favorite. She’s been listen to a copy of Psalty the Singing Songbook (a very non-denominational Christian thing that really can’t be explained) that I made for her and her sister. And she is a performer, so she belts out the songs with the greatest of ease, and my personal favorite that she sings, “It’s me, it’s me, it’s me oh Lord, standing in the living room.” I mean maybe the wrong line…but absolutely fabulous!


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