We Paid $160,000 to Have This Convo

 So, all I have to say is this is what you get when you combine a girl with a slow job and an ear infection(me!), one procrastinating masters student (H) and Gchat (the invention of the gods (Greek ones of course)).

H: So I have 3 dots under my chin, like I got bit by a 3 toothed vampire
Me: What?
H: Like 3 tiny dots/bumps all in a row
Me: I only get birthmarks in 3’s on my face in a triangle pattern, since we’re sharing randomness
Me: Yours, however, can be taken care of if you stop making out with vampires
H: Yea, I guess I made out w a vampire w/o knowing about it
Me: My mom used to joke I was marked with a sign
H: hahaha
Me: Cause I have one triangle lower cheek and I have one to the side of one eye
and a third set popped up one day and my mom was like…is something going on. She thought I had drawn it on to mess with her
H: haha…amazing
Me: But no
H: You should look in a book of “signs”and see what it means
Me: Always 3. Always a triangle. It’s weird, I tried not to think about it for a while cause people would point it out and then someone was like, I have something that can lighten those…and I got protective of them and embraced them
H: haha, nice. We should make up a story of what they symbolize
Me: I think I may blog about them
H: Like how many children you will have
Me: Ummm, that would be 9…no
H: or
H: Something relating to the trinity
Me: I’m the kingdom of God….and my face portrays the trinity, I think not
H: You will be a subject of the next Dan Brown book
Me: No words

 **note, my thesis adviser would have freaked out at the Dan Brown line…she hates him, every fiber of his being. Like forbade his name in class with threats of docking people’s grades if they mentioned him ever. So someone always made sure to bring him up once a class session…it was cruel, but I loved her reaction every time**

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