Weekend of Unemployment

This is my weekend of unemployment, and how have I spent it…let me count the ways:

1. Ending Work: Government job is over and done, which is about the most amazing sounding thing to my ears, mind and soul. Not because I disliked my office, I seriously just needed a major change. *Semi-tangent alert* Every few years I have this impulsive need to make life changes (the first one fortunately came senior year of high school…not much damage in that one: made out with a boy, moved across the county and started college). But then I hit a level of semi-contentment, mostly because I spent a good amount of time talking myself off of ledges in college. But with this job switch, I feel like the need for change, which I was at first trying to route into guys, was instead directed to finding a job that made me feel necessary…hopefully, mission accomplished **end of tangent**
But work ending was sad for leaving the people, and on Friday they packed it all in. Including a lunch with my boss, an office party and government out-processing. Pretty much it was a fun last day, and I left the office about an hour and forty-five minutes after I had intended.

2. Dinner: Friday night with one of my frosh from last year. There was thai food, ice-cream and hysterical conversations. Pretty much it couldn’t get any better then that. But it was also decided that I apparently am functioning super well in life, which is always a wonderful thing.

3. Saturday Wedding: So, two friends got hitched in the chapel on our college campus, and that was fantastic and yet kind of didn’t seem real. Also fun, my junior year crush was threre…who I am totally over (I am, I swear), but there was a little part of me that wanted to be like “look how cute I am in my fancy dress.” When all was said and done, it was a fantastic wedding, and a beautiful day.

Now I get to go and contemplate my singleness with the single friends from the wedding. This could turn out poorly and yet, I think it’ll be very fun instead :)

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