A Message from Grey’s Anatomy

Yes….I just said from Grey’s Anatomy.

The past two weeks I’ve turned on the TV with the last 10 minutes of the show on, and yep…caught up to all you really don’t need to know about it: Meredith and McDreamy broke up, McDreamy is “with” a nurse, Meredith is in therapy, etc etc etc. But then the preview came on for next week and the closing line from Meredith, who I generally think is really to pathetic to function. She said, and I quote, “If you think I’m broken…fix me.” And in the first three seconds I rolled my eyes. Ad then I stopped and thought about it, and part of me just went…wait.a.second. It almost makes sense.

Mind you all of this really came from my pathetic recesses of my, as of late, ubber needy mind. Now mind you, I think I’ve fixed my current problems…kind of, but I can’t say it was alone. So my divine knowledge of the moment…embrace the people that yank you out of a rut.

And let you bake peanut butter brownies…picture and recipe coming soon.

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