Yoga, Pilates, Sleep or a Beer

Pretty much that is all I can think of right now. However, as I’m still at work…the first three aren’t happening. And as I’m on a diet, the fourth shouldn’t be happening either.

Long day at work, I just feel more and more exhausted by the day. Really, I think it’s the nutrients that I’m not consuming. A life of cheese/chicken quesadillas and veggie samosas can only get you so far. Pretty much I need to be on a fruit and veggie diet. Overhauling my life, it’s now necessary. Moving past overhauling with the guy issues of life, I joined the gym; which is why I wanted to take pilates tonight. So plan:

  • Eat more fruits and veggies
  • Workout, stretch more, rebuild the muscle supporting my knee
  • Sleep more
  • Be nicer
  • Express my feelings more [people may shudder in fear at that one]
  • Be willing to jump off more docks.

I think my headaches will decrease if I up the organic lifestyle…and I might just be nicer, cause as my darling mom says, “who are you kidding, you so aren’t nice all the time or even the majority of the time.”

Let’s see how long this lasts

One thought on “Yoga, Pilates, Sleep or a Beer”

  1. THIS is what they LIGHT beer for. ;-P

    p.s. you called me
    p.p.s i’m studying for my finals presentations
    p.p.p.s i will call you once the intense pressure sitting on my chest over the presentations gets to be too overwhelming.

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