Wonderful Wednesday

The East Coast had one of the grossest heat waves (mind you I say this and it’s not even the middle of June yet). But anywho, yesterday was supposed to be the run to the post office day with one of the interns. As it was a feels like temp of 105, let’s just say the walking in the outdoors didn’t happen. But then it rained last night and it is fantastic now.

Moving on to today. The weather was a fantastic temperature within the 80’s and the office was hopping, which means I was looking for any excuse to walk outside. In a quick overview:

Cupcakes: So my boss had this meeting last week. And today the guy sent 24 specialty cupcakes to our office. I mean I love cupcakes…I hate speciality cupcakes. I mean who in their right mind thinks $3.75 is acceptable for a cupcake, mine taste just as good…most of the time. But needless to say it was fantastic and I ate it reluctantly :)

No Gym, Long Walks: So all told in walking today it was about 3.0 miles. I walked my little self all over this little city. But I feel fantastic for it (and still totally in pain from the gym yesterday).

Office Clean-Up: So I am one of those people that hates working late, but will take on a million and one tasks if asked. You could tell just by looking at my desk. But as more tasks came up, the piles got bigger and the work was overwhelming; though I am still the queen of saying I was fine. But one person noticed when I was freaking out and imputing over 100 business cards in an online contacts and not organizing my life which was what I wanted to accomplish. And needless to say, she took my computer and the giant stack of business cards and was just like, go run your errands and file and someone else will do this. It was fantastic, one of her interns did the business cards and I reorganized my whole work space…I don’t dread seeing my desk tomorrow.

Crazy Emails: Somehow an email chain started between M, Work Boy and I today. it was like I’m sitting at my desk in the midst of a ridiculous email string with my old co-workers. At one point I was called a heartbreaker, M was called a dork, and Work Boy…well he was just called out for a lack of commitment and having flavors (long story). It ended by me having dinner with M, which was great.

The BALLET!!: So Law School Friend and I went to the ballet tonight. And it was fantastic. Pretty much three companies and, thus, three different performances. And it was fantastic. The first piece Serenade was extremely ethereal and reminded me of my favorite ballet, Giselle. The second, In the Night, was three pas de deux exercises, the couples were great but the final couple was phenomenal. The lifts and throws, twists and turns were breathtaking. But by far, the most amazing was the last piece, Velocity, which as LSF called it, “the man dance.” Yes, dancing men. And we aren’t talking your stereotypical ballet guys, we are talking extremely muscular men. Though, the women were extremely muscular too, which was apparent as they weren’t wearing tights and you could see every muscle line in their legs. (If we couldn’t tell, I am insanely jealous). But they were incredible. And a perfect ballet for LSF’s first time and introduction into the ballet world.

And how do I finish off such a great day…well cooling down my warm apartment, writing this post, chatting via gChat and watching CSI:Miami. It’s a great evening.

**random addition: CSI Miami just mentioned the use of “soy ink” as what NE printers use cause it is cheaper and better for the enviroment. I chuckled cause my business cards came yesterday and in the words of an intern “this is the greenest print job I’ve ever seen.” Because they are made with with wind power, soy ink and union labor on recycled paper. Oh the progressive government non-profits. :)

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