Contemplating life…again

I know, I know…how many time can a girl contemplate her life before someone finally smacks her and says, get a life. While I’m sure I am pushing closed to that line, I thank God am not there yet. [Unless I am and no one told me; people like to not telling me when I’m doing something absurd]. So, it’s time again…for the 411 of what’s in my mind.

Work: I like my job. I like my organization. I like the work we do. I can’t stand that I seriously have no serious responsibilities apart from answering phones and scheduling. So, I may have sped up the “mid-life crisis, open a bakery” time line. Pretty much I graduated from college and have since been a volunteer, a housing worker on campus, a personal assistant in the government, and an executive assistant for a non-profit. I want to do something big, something huge, something that makes a difference…and yet, I’m not quite sure that I’m ready to change the world politically. But maybe I can make sugar cookies in the shapes of elephants and donkeys

Diet: I swear I am dieting cursed right now. I’m attempting not to eat a bunch of junk and rice cakes are my snack of choice at work. I walk to work every day (back and forth is well over a mile), and my building is four floors (without an elevator)…so I run up and down stairs everyday. Add that to the fact I think I have walked all over the city lately and then I stand on the scale. And it smacks me in the face…and is just like, ha…weight gains sucks for you. All I have to say, the scale should be happy that it is still alive and mechanical in this world, cause I live on the second floor and out the window it almost went. I may jumpstart the re-diet with a juice diet over the weekend (except I keep making dinner plans with people).

Life Re-Organization: So overall, my plan next week. Reorganize my life and refocus my attentions (upon what, well that may depend on the first thing). I need to decide what I really want to do with my life. And whoa it is about time.

One thought on “Contemplating life…again”

  1. For inspiration may I suggest you watch the movie Stranger Than Fiction, and pay close attention to the character played by Maggie Gyllenhall.

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