Monday, Monday

This weekend was insane, in both a good and comme ci comme ca way. (Oh my heavens, I just blogged in French, I’m disappointed in myself).

But all in all, I have come to a realization. I love my new church people. For a long while, the people my parents went to church with after they moved made me crazy. They were hypocritical and judgmental, I mean God forbid you had a drink…you were on your way to heathensville. My new church, they are normal people…and I’m sure their are the judgmental types (cause I mean, there are people who judge in all walks of life), but this is a church that believes in reconciliation and forgiveness more than the normal issues that are all around religious movements. But it’s really nice to be known in the community. When during communion they call you by name, and the day after you get an email from someone that you didn’t think knew who you were…I mean it’s great!

Now on to work. Work was not to shabby today. Not the best day, but how nice is this to say…only three more days in the week. Yeah Independence Day!

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