Weekend Wrap-Up

So this weekend brought together stress, cleaning, food, happy people, a crossword puzzle movie and church. Not necessarily in that order, but close enough.

So Friday night included dinner with friends after work, and then a cleaning/veggie cutting party with my “high society friend,” who I don’t think until this point has had a real blog nickname, thus High Society Friend it is. Needless to say she was fantastic. She came over late in the evening, and chopped veggies for brunch the next day while I cleaned. We hung pictures in my kitchen (care of Deb’s new online photo store through smitten kitchen). We might have drank part of a bottle of prosecco in the process, but everyone needs something happy while they clean :)

Saturday dawned early and brunch seemed like it hit faster then before. And I may have run out of eggs, thus making Law School Friend [LSF] run out to get more. But the coffee brewed, the bacon was cooked, the egg dish fantastic (more about that later on, with a photo taken my A) and the company was fantastic and so random it was perfect. I mean conversation between the conservative and liberals, the friends and interns…and it was great, my interns came, A and her boy toy, Law School Friend, E, S, college friends, co-workers. I mean it was great. And afterwords LSF, S, K and I hung out and watched movies of our childhood, and then later LSF and I watched Wordplay, the crossword puzzle documentary, which was fantastic. If you haven’t seen it, you should…it was intense and it made me want to become apart of the “crossword people.”

Sunday: Only two things happen on Sunday…the farmers market and church. The two things that ground me and prepare me for the week. And really, as I feel like I’ve said before…I LOVE the farmers market in the summer. The colors and the smells and the tastes. I mean every booth is vibrant, and the samples of the fruits: peaches, nectarines, tomatoes, and cheeses. Yummy. The church was equally as vibrant for the soul, although several of us may have almost fallen asleep during the prayers for the people (maybe I haven’t slept as much as I wanted to). But now it’s all about my quiet Sunday evening eating a not balanced meal, blogging and watching Army Wives on Lifetime. All in all…it was a good weekend.

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