two great chats + a pretty bauble

So Tiffany and Company is by far one of those things that I love maybe a tad to much, but clearly in the same way I like boys….”you’re pretty, can I take you home…oh wait, I can’t have you.” Only in the case of T&Co, it’s cause I can’t afford it, but in some cases, it cause all I can think is “who in their right mind would wear this cause you’d get mugged walking down the street.”

But today this pretty bauble caught my eye (maybe bauble is the wrong word), and sorry…you’ll actually have to click the link as Tiffany’s won’t let me copy and paste pictures right now. Just be prepared for $90,000 of sheer beautifulness.

So I sent it to Ann who responded back with the best comment of the day: “um…not quite sure why you sent that to me…if that’s what you want as your gift for our commitment ceremony, we’re going to have to wait till I’ve been in practice for a few years”

That was actually what I was going for. If I can’t find a man to buy me a lovely solitaire ring, my future partner can buy me a bracelet that I’d be scared to wear in public.


Second best conversation of the day:

My dear friend in London had a lovely gchat message about gay pride it Brighton, England. I couldn’t help the following chat.

Me: All I could think of was Pride and Prejudice when I saw Brighton, and then gay pride…
Steven: Gay Pride and Prejudice!
Me: and all of the sudden it was like P&P in drag


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