100th Post = Pressure

So yesterday’s work day…well let’s just say it left something to be desired. And as I was railing against life, love and the evils of humanity, I decided it probably wouldn’t make the best 100th post. So instead…pondering on my mind (cause that is so much better….I know it’s not, but don’t point it out)

  • The Moment When You Realize Life Isn’t What You Wanted: So a person goes through life and is like this is what I’m all about, this is what I refuse to do, etc, etc. For me, in high school I had sworn off boys and said that I never wanted kids. Joining a convent and becoming a nun sounded like an ideal life. Oh how the mighty and overly self-righteous people fall, cause now…I’m mourning my singleness, cause I’ve now become the polar opposite of what I was. In high school I was an ENTJ, now…ESFP/J (more J than P). I went from big picture thinking, to a details feeler. It’s almost weird to think someone could make a shift that quickly. But with this, you contemplate how in heavens name you are supposed to think about our future. Next point.
  • Oh crap, the Future: So I only think about my future when I’m stressed out about my present day life. And with the job making me nuts…I think about the future a tad more, which includes thoughts of opening my own bakery, moving to CA to work in the entertainment industry, getting a Journalism master’s degree, moving to some cold state like MN or WI to take advantage of great Women’s History programs, or just finding some nice Christian man to marry (cause that last one would be so easy to just snap my fingers and make happen). Last night was devoted to looking into women’s history degrees, and let me tell you…apparently schools in warm climates don’t like studying women and history in the same program, and my warm-blooded nature isn’t cool with that.
  • Advice to Ignore: My “high society” Friend (who I went to college with, and still works at our alma mater) has decided that I should email the guy from my old job and suggest a coffee date. I’m sorry, are we kidding…do I seem like the sort of person that would do that out of the blue. Cause let’s just think of this: cute boy, old office, chatted about thesis writing, and it well a cute boy. Do we know what I’m scared of…cute boys. Never going to happen. It’s why I’m single. And I embrace that knowledge.
  • Advice/Idea to Run With: Law School Friend and I have a joke about opening a Law Office/Bakery. I love the idea. I want the idea to be a reality. She’s only a rising 2L…I have time to plot and plan.
  • Today, I realized: The gym may actually be working…(maybe)
  • Yesterday, I almost: Applied for a job in a bakery
  • This past weekend, I: Definitely had a guy related ego boost…I’m never going out with E again, cause seriously, hordes of men on a dance floor, they hovered around the three of us girls that were out and dancing together (it’s cause it was three girls…). I have to say, I can’t dance with guys I don’t know…
  • Overall: One word, Insanity.

The End (of this post) :)

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