Somewhat recovered

It’s Monday, a holiday and I’m at work.

Denver….may I never enter your city with 80,000 politically charged people ever again. Because was I done like whoa. Pretty much after a week of insanity, close quarters, not enough food, high altitude, and heat exhaustion, I pretty much decided to be done with the whole political process. That is pretty much all I can write without crossing into a venting/life is absurd and I’m a conservative moment. But really a new realization of my life, I am way more conservative then I ever thought I was and now is a time to embrace the things I’ve grown to understand:

  • I’m Conservative….end of statement
  • I love movies and books categorized as: Chick Lit
  • Gossip Girls, I may have planned my day around the season premier [this one isn’t conservative, I know]
  • The more absurd the news story, the more likely I am to read it. I very rarely remember what is going on in the world…but I do know that P.Diddy is annoyed to have to fly commercial.
  • Job hunting…sucks, GRE-studying…sucks even more.

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