The VP debate begins

M and I may be freaking out on my couch, cause this absurd debate may be the most watched debate of this cycle (sad to say)…

9:01 = I joke now, the Republican party dressed her in a hot suit. I mean, love her I do and I wish I looked like that in my stereotypical Republican skirt suit.

9:05 = Talking about the economy…are we shocked?

9:08 = Palin responding on the economy, and she winked. I wonder if that was on purpose.

9:10 = Predator lenders. There was an up-tick when that line was uttered.

9:17 = Taxes, shudder

9:19 = Apparently she just rolled her eyes on television. M may have had a giddy note in her voice when she pointed it out. She also may not have answered the question

9:22 = “characterize, characterize, characterize” and “eliminate those wasteful spending”

9:28 = Oops, Palin faux pas with the Wall Street/Main Street analogy. Better luck next time. Kind of like the In the world/Of the world analogy at bible study last night.

9:33 = John McCain voted against alternative energy sources…hmmm, he’s a republican, are we shocked? And 10 years to

9:34 = YES. That would have been a drink moment (if I played drinking games with debates), “Drill, Baby Drill”

9:49 = We have entered Joe Biden’s territory, and that would be into the Foreign Policy territory. I’m a litter concerned that we are going to take a walk into Russia’s territory (may be time for another drink) :)

9:52 = People are twittering how they hate her accent. I mean people, she’s only been out of Alaska for 5 weeks (as she said) give her a few weeks more to work into pronouncing Iraq and nuclear correctly.

9:59 = The surge won’t work. We need more troops. M and I are curious right now, cause last time I checked, the surge involved additional troops. I’ll ignore that one though.

10:03 = Joe Biden doesn’t have a stomach for genocide. Because apparently, since I’m a republican, I wake up every morning wondering what people group I can remove from the world today.

10:07 = whoa Gwen. “You disagree on national surveillance law, (pause) or least you did in the past.”

10:09 = Take a drink. Second wink of the night.

10:11 = I want to hang out at Home Depot with Joe Biden.

10:12 = Take a drink. Third wink. (Oh, and extra credit to all you watching the debate).

10:14 = Lame jokes, I love the claim that they both made lame jokes about the Vice Presidency.

10:21 = I’m pretty sure he was about to cry. That tugged at the heartstrings. Poor Joe Biden. Can I hug him now?

10:24 = Biden is fired up now. And whoa is he shooting down the maverick talk.

10:28 = Never question the motive, question the judgment.

10:30 = Nothing major to comment on, but I really can’t wait to see what Tina Fey does with this on Saturday.

10:34 = IT’S PIPER!!! (Best ending ever)

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