Church faux pas, round 2

Really…I may need to pause from communion taking until my awkward phase will pass. But before I discuss that, let me just say, I was slightly railing internally at this point over a minor moment. (I was obviously distracted).

So, I get into my communion line and the pretty one is a chalice bearer and I’m just focusing on hoping that my piece of bread isn’t sandwich size again. And it’s looking good…the pretty one isn’t my chalice bearer. But the glass of wine is held out, I dip my bread, I lift my bread out and half of it falls back in the chalice. I stared in shock and tried to restrain the rush of giggle that hit me. And the chalice bearer stares too. And we both can’t figure out the most hygienic way to fish it out. That is when the giggles really over took me. I may have almost swallowed the bread whole, right around the time I wishing that the ground would open and swallow me whole.

This week may not have involved a cup of win :)

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