When life gives you lemons, and then limes

…make margaritas.

Pretty much everything is working to set me off, and I am working my darndest to not have a melt down. A month ago today, I got my first speeding ticket (being pulled over ever, in fact). And now that is dealt with and I moved on).

Then work exploded yesterday (not literally), but I kind of wished it would. More people were added to the mental hit list. But then the faux-English one can over and we watched Gossip Girls and popped open a bottle of wine, and then the below cartoon made me laugh and it was all better

Today however, I got up to move my car and you know what was missing, my front passenger window. And with that my iPod from in my glove compartment and my car adapter. Pretty much it was a great morning, fully made great when my boss called and was like “Oh that really sucks about your window,” as I was in the process of cleaning glass from my car. And then instantly followed up with “So are you near your computer to send an email?” I mean for serious?

My exasperation levels were hitting high, and sure enough I looked in my car and the idiots left the rock they used to shatter my window on the center armrest area. I instantly called my mom and was like, “maybe I watch to many crime dramas, but aren’t you supposed to take the rock with you.” And then I laughed for a good long while.

Can’t wait to see where the rest of the week goes from here.


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