A fate worse than death

So I have a tendency to think to much, and it isn’t generally a problem except when I’m alone (and in case we don’t know, I live alone so this problem comes up quite a bit). Lately as I’ve been reevaluating my life I’ve had a few more of those alone with my thoughts moments.

This morning Kathleen and I made apple crisp, it was impromptu baking session and really a reality check into life. Yes, it’s time for another bullet-pointed list of the things we learned about ourselves slash, me.

First: I cook to de-stress and to not take my anger and annoyance out on people. I obviously need to start baking more cause a certain someone has been on the receiving end of my mean streak a lot lately, and that just isn’t who I am, most of the time.

Second, Love Languages: Giving = Gifts … Receiving = Quality Time.

Third: I need to start dancing again, for both my flexibility and my sanity.


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