Small Umbrella in the Rain

I love musicals. I mean, it’s quite unfortunate that I can’t sing to save my life.

And like my choice in bad television, I saw High School Musical 3 today. Yep, that is me, the classy 23 year old girl who didn’t even find a wee one as a cover to see the movie. Nope, just needed M and H for that one.  It was everything I expected and so much more. I mean the emo, teen angst was at an all time high. And whoa was it wonderful! (Yeah, I went there…it was horribly great and there was a gaggle of girls behind us singing along!)

But back to actual musicals, beyond the Disney Channel types, Thursday night M and I went to see the Sketchy One (who still wants a new nickname…to which I say suggest one) in Urinetown (yes, the title really is that unfortunate). And despite my reluctance to see a play of such a questionable name, it was rather fantastic. I did have to poke M a few times to contain her laughter at inappropriate times, but there were a couple of moments where the laughter was uncontrollable. All in all though, a wonderful Thursday night…even if I was kept awake way beyond my usual bedtime. :)

Now…I’m just going to sit on my couch and continue to watch ridiculous television, and not move, or exert any energy. But maybe I’ll think about straightening my hair…just thinking, not doing.

Also…for those who know the musical that inspired the title today, we must be friends. Unless you’re a boy, then I may have to love you ;)

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