“Looks Like Another Day, In Another Way”

So today’s title song involves the central theme of all the other songs (and no, it’s not about me being in love).

In case people didn’t know how I felt about a central issue, let me repeat:


Today included her missing her train, and not telling me, and then thinking she could go to a fancy event in jeans. I mean, she almost had a little mini-moment when she thought she would have to wear a formal gown, cause then she’d have to go shopping. I mean, maybe I grew up in a household that demands you to be on top of your attire game, but when you are the Director of a major organization in a big city…you may want to own a formal gown. Maybe, just maybe.

But beyond that I am up to my elbows in job applications, and up to my neck in job rejections. I’m trying to think of this rejection is good for the soul instead of thinking that I am unqualified for anything. That latter point might be more of the truth.


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