Monday: I tried to get food poisoning so to skip work

I’m pretty sure that I accomplished nothing today, except to avoid my evaluation with my boss.

So there is nothing that I want more then to run away from my job and never come back, and this is very apparently to almost all. My boss is not one of those almost alls. And somehow it seems pretty awkward to do a “lets talk about life and all the wonders of my job.” Plus she wants me to talk about things that I excel at and things that I failed on. Several people in my office want me to tell her that my problem is keeping her on task, which is so true. But somehow I managed to avoid it, which mean that I so am not getting out of it tomorrow, which that could mean that today is the day she “finds an end date” in my contract. It would be the most wonderful thing ever.

Now I should quit with the typing, and start with the GRE studying, like whoa.

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