It’s an “On Day”

For months I’ve believed that the root all all problems with my boss is that she, well, may have some sort of personality thing. Whether it’s a split personality or some other disorder, something is there.  And this week has just affirmed it.

Needless to say, we’re in an up, or an on, state at this moment.

I had my evaluation today, and it was so nice that I didn’t quite believe it was about me. That is until she called me the “office mom.” (I mean pair this with other things I’ve heard the “floor mom” and an “RA mom,” I mean this is why I can’t find a guy willing to date me, who wants to date a mom?) But now back to the subject at hand, the shocking evaluation. Apparently I take care of the office, I am people aware and people like working with me…oh, and the interns like working for me. To that last line, all I have to say is, “Take That Dad! Pitying my interns. Can’t mock me again as being a terror.”

But moving past that all and on to my Dad…

While I was in my evaluation meeting I missed a call to my cell phone from my dad that played out something like this, “hey baby. I have math notes for you [for the GRE] and I need you to call me and tell me your email address. I’ll talk to you later.” Needless to say, I call the house and my mom answers and without even saying hello I say, “if you died, Dad would have no idea how to find me.” She just laughed and goes, “I hear he doesn’t know your email address or how to call you at work.” At this point, we should note that my direct line at work is programmed into my parents house phone…in the line it goes “brother-cell,” “mom-cell,” “me-cell,” and then “me-work.” And yet…somehow, he both can’t call me at work or email me (I’ve also had the same email address for a while). But all in all, it really points out my dad’s personality. Cause the man can take an hour and construct twenty-three pages of math notes, but can’t find his daughter’s work number or email, work or personal. It made me chuckle.

Now, back to the GRE.

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