destructive behavior

Sometimes at the end of the day (when the boss has been nuts) I just want to do something crazy, and by that I mean is generally includes threats like:

Drinking an entire bottle of wine alone in my apartment

Making out with a cute boy

Baking and eating an entire cake

Eating a bucket of fried chicken

I mind you I make those threats and yet; the first one is out cause my liver would kill me, the second for more reasons then I could type, the third because my mom has scarred me when it comes to eating as I bake, and the last one, well that is just because I have to fried chicken around (and my skin would revolt). So instead I sit in my apartment and I write blog posts about how I’m too lazy to actually carry out said behavior, or maybe it’s just because I over analyze everything.

Maybe really I just need a break from my brain. Too bad that whole taking the GRE on Monday thing won’t allow me to divorce my mind just yet. But come Monday at 5pm, I may actually give in and divorce my brain, kill my liver, throw caution and dignity to the wind, and maybe eat some fried chicken while I’m at it.

It could be beautiful.

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