A Much Better Day

To My Life Partner and the British One:

Thank you for talking me off my cliff of insanity.

Faux-Brit: Thanks for having as many issues as me and for talking about them. Giving me something to focus on besides my own mental issues was great and so helpful. Plus, the fact that you too decided it was too cold to go out. (By the way, whoa people can we talk about how much this cold front sucks?) All in all, that you ranted and told me it was okay to rant on the blog, which can we point out that I was worried about ranting on my own blog. But all in all, thanks.

Life Partner: Let’s start with the fact that I’m sad you are so far away from me, especially since you just can’t show up a la frosh year with skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. But, you talked me out of the bathtub (and no, that isn’t a metaphor…I was craving a quiet and safe place so me and my blanket crawled into my dry clawfoot tub. Also, if I do recall you also made me hug myself, which I saw coming from a mile away and tried to protest. Needless to say, you are always right and telling me to go to sleep was the best thing ever, and when I woke up ten hours later, I was much better.

So all in all, today while still cold was a much better day. And so the GREs may kill me, but at least they’ll kill me while I’m more content.

the Girl Who Crawls Into Dry Bathtubs


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