Tomorrow is the Day

The GRE is almost here.

By tomorrow at 4 is will all be over, a distance memory that may just leave me slightly scared.

Pretty much the day was spent doing math, yuck. But my last practice test was the exact score that I wanted, so we are praying that I can pull it off tomorrow. Verbal is just going to be a shot in the dar, because I don’t know how much I actually will remember of the random GRE words and definitions. But all in all, it’s going to turn out the way it’s intended to, and it’ll be fine.

Church tonight, so fantastic. Pretty much it’s like the calm in the storm that I am creating in my life. And by far the best after church moment was watching Kipper try and recruit boys to out small group. Including one really pretty one from the area in which my parents live. Pretty much I walked up and wanted to just be like, “hello attractive boy, isn’t it sad that I am trying not to consider your gender at the moment in an effort to refocus life.” Instead I just babbled. And then tried not to laugh at the blatant effort to snag a boy to small group. It was pretty great.

Now, back to those vocab words before bed.

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