Thank God It’s Over

In what has possibly been the longest month of my life, I have survived an election and the GRE. Although I’m going to use the word survived loosely as I’m pretty sure the last months worth of blog posting have showed my psychotic nature quite well. Instead, maybe I’ll just say that I made it through without actually bringing harm to anyone or by having a super inappropriate word vomit moments. :)

However, dinner tonight with A, H and D was the funniest cap on my day.

Pretty much in the conversation of school applications, A was talking about how she almost applied to UPenn because one of the essay prompts was to write page 283 (or something page number like that) of your autobiography. It was then noted that you of course would have write it mid-sentence. And then in the midst of throwing out topics, like the day your goldfish died, D blurts out “…and that is how I stopped the Russian terrorists.” (It could have been mafia, my brain has shut down). However is was then decided that is would read something like:

and that is how I stopped the Russian terrorists.

Chapter 29

Then my goldfish died. And that is the day I grew up.

Pretty much, we are a creative bunch and that the reason that I laughed so hard was a combination of how ridiculous it was and because my brain is slowly dying. I’m pretty sure I also was contemplating if I could get away with making my grad school essays that comical.

But deep down, I think it’s time to write those grad school application and all in all get life back to times before emotional and mental breakdown, i.e. back to the time when I baked a lot. :)

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