Throwing clouds and other fun things

Something I learned today. I type the phrase “pretty much” a heck of a lot. I mean insane amounts. This discovery was a direct result of a website that G discovered and needed to email me: It pretty much, there is goes again, takes the most used words on a blog and creates a fun little word cloud and as we can see, the only words you can actually read from the small samples on the right are: pretty and much. So needless to say it’s pretty wonderful. Although I do have to say, I did enjoy the amount of time I wasted by building the cloud.

Things to note/change:

  • Cut down on the phrases like: “pretty much” and “really now.”
  • Both word clouds may call my sanity into question
  • I don’t blog about boys as much as I was scared that I did
  • Hitting create made me freak out over what my most blogged items.
  • Apparently I have typed the word worried less than I have typed terrorists. Can someone tell me when I’ve done that?
  • Words that are the same size: bag, take, love and insanity. However, the word fridge is bigger than those.

My craziness may have hit an all time high, but tomorrow I can hopefully go back to talking about cakes, and pies, and tarts…oh my. Because there may be a wonderful tart crust in my freezer just waiting to be baked and filled for the Turkey Day.

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