What I’m Thankful For: the day after

As the hodgepodge of my life rolls onward, and the stress of the dead tart fades away, I can get back to the post that was intended for yesterday; what I’m thankful for. So here it goes in giant paragraph form:

Mom’s beautiful Canon digital camera; Anglican Church; my crazy mom; the GREs being over; food photography; a dad who threatens me to take care of myself by telling me my mom will have him in marriage counseling longer if I don’t; Kate Spade; penguins; a gas stove and oven for baking cakes and cookies; Trader Joe’s on the East Coast; the most fantastic Life Partner ever; neverending blog to-do lists; large hoop earrings; the beginning of the Advent season; crossword puzzles; Smitten Kitchen; wonderful friends; cute babies that I threaten to steal; Top Chef: New York (which I may be behind on); the wee ones on the West coast that send me crayon and watercolor pictures; Monday night gossip and Gossip Girl with the faux-Brit; Nora Roberts on rainy days; travel; singing obnoxiously loud in my car; boys who don’t know I exist; scarves; 15 boxes of books in my closet; great blogger that get me through the day; a working car: aka the funmobile; the Ballet; gyros, baklava, enchiladas, and so much more; J.Crew; the goldfish group; calm and quiet moments of bliss; the blog; boys with pretty eyes; fake sick days to go shopping with my Life Partner; big hats; gChat; inappropriate crushes; Pearls Before Swine; swag bags; historic anything; and children’s books with lots of pictures.

**We should note that since my brain is failing in the post GRE days, this list was about double the size in my mind, and then I forgot it all.
** Additions may continue to be made :)

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