Coming to an end

The extremely long weekend is almost done, November is ready to pass into December and before you know I’ll be making New Year’s resolutions to exercise more, eat less and pretend boys don’t exist. This time around I think I may launch a new idea. I’m sticking to the first one, admitting I like food and baking to much to make the second a reality and the third, well that is just a foolhardy dream that always kicks me when I’m down.

But I actually think it’s time to do something that truly only super organized people like my mom do, it’s time to schedule out my life.

Pretty much I may threaten myself into doing things; i.e. no Gossip Girls w/ the faux-Brit if I didn’t go to the gym after work, no driving if I haven’t been to the gym, no mind-numbing romance reading if I haven’t finished a grad school app.  Also, as sad as this seems, I may start scheduling in trips to the grocery store. But pretty much, my life is going to run like a well functioning machine. (We’re going to give this two weeks before I admit defeat and bemoan my life again).

Needless to say, it’s the holiday season and I am going to enjoy it, and try and wear my new beautiful strappy stilettos at every possible opportunity (ignoring that fact that my feet may get frostbite).


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