Almost done

Pretty much this week needs to hurry itself up and be over, because today, I blew a tire on my car. It was one of those classy, I was running late and turned a corner too fast and *smack, I hit a curb and put a 2 inch gash into my tire. I mean it was the icing on the Thursday cake. But moving on.

“Torn between what reason says and how I really feel”

The above is my obsession of the moment, actually the song that is comes from is the real obsession and it evident in how my phone is almost dead because it played on repeat all day long. (That only gets awkward when someone notices you’ve been humming the same melody for an hour). And yet the week was lovely in generally and possibly the most absurd week even with emotional dips, wine induced highs, an offer of freedom, and the death of my tire.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually be able to write it all out.

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