A Political Letter of a Non-Political Nature

So today a friend of mine had a letter to the president as an away message. It was short, it made sense, and it had nothing to do with politics…just about how his transportation tends to wake her up at the wee hours of the morning. In return I wrote my own letter of grievances, and here is a more thought out version.

Dear Mr. President,
While we know I didn’t support you, I didn’t vote for you and I think the economic recovery bill is absurd and not a stimulus package, I, however do still love press conferences. I am nuts enough to watch daily press briefings…even though your guy isn’t as cool as Ari Fleischer or Tony Snow (and not as quirkily wonderful like Dana Perino). What I have a problem with is your timing on press conferences. Primetime television, especially on Monday Night, is reserved for crime dramas and Gossip Girl. Things that couldn’t happen since you decided had an 8pm press conference. That wasn’t cool. Serena and Blair aren’t happy, neither are the hundreds of thousands of early 20-something women who had to suffer a repeat episode. Don’t do it again.
xoxo, Me


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