for G.

A request was had for a funny post, (i.e. G had one of those mornings that makes one want to read something comical). And so, I was bound and determined to think of something, and this is more I’m admitting to being a stereotype.

Today was the first day of my new job, and to walk and get lunch took me and the person I’m replacing to a let’s say, not so great area of the city. But to be completely honest, I probably wouldn’t judge except I’ve lived in the ubber posh parts of the city cause a. that is where I went to school and b. it’s what my parents demanded for safety after I graduated. But as I’m walking down the street all I can think is…”Oh I stand out like a sore thumb (which could have been the fact that I was wearing an $800 Marc Jacobs coat that I got for a $100 steal at an outlet). But then the comical rememberance moment hit.

About a month ago the morning person (shudder) that will be a roomie one day, decided to wake me up to ask about wearing socks with her boots. (We’re going to honest, at 9:45 am on a Saturday, I really didn’t care as I was still asleep…but she drove over to my apt to show me). The stipulation to her coming by was to not comment that I didn’t look awake. So I walk outside to see the boots and she blurts out, Oh my gosh, you’re so [Insert the name of my preppy college]. Now this is a line I’ve used to people…one that could never be used to me. But alas, when I looked at what I had thrown on:

Black Leggings

A long tank top

A fitted 3/4 sleeve shirt over the tank

The above mentioned coat

Ugg Boots

…and a Headband to hold back the wisps of my messy bun

Pretty much I had walked outside looking like the Saturday morning version of attire on my college campus, messy and preppy…the perfect combination of cheap (black leggings from Target) and expensive (the coat…which is only sticker cost expensive, I only spend money on purses, which is another thing that was seen a lot, sweats and Prada). It was the moment that I officially realized that the only thing holding my attire back was the lack of a popped collar (something that G does well, I couldn’t).

Really, to this moment I’m not quite sure put it over the top…the Uggs or the Headband. For the latter, all I can say is Queen B would be happy at my headband sporting ways. :)

2 thoughts on “for G.”

  1. Hahaha. I can’t pop my collar anymore–I live in a neighborhood you’d never visit if your fancy coat! Love the Blair headband reference.

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