Favorite Show EVER

You know what redeems the most awkward post ever (see below)


Pretty much my favorite thing of the year, because it’s awesome. And by awesome I think that is the understatement, because like I said it’s my favorite event of the year.

And I think one of the best moments was me talking to LP about when I was going to call her, the convo went something like this:

me:  maybe I’ll call on the next Oscars commercial…
LP:  sounds good
me:  cause you know….stage effects
LP:  very important
me:  it’s a thrilling part of the show. Ooo, the mixers even better doesn’t everyone love a sound mixer
LP:  absolutely
me:  So, I want to marry a sound editor
LP:  haha, because you think that’s your best shot to go to the oscars?
me:  no i’m banking on my aunt for that
LP:  so you just think sound editors are sexy?
me:  yes
LP:  haha
me:  Almost as much as that that film editor on stage. I mean….So Hot :)
LP:  haha

I mean between the song and dance interludes (which included Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens), Queen Latifah singing the dead people montage, Hugh Jackman, the sound mixers, the fact that I am watching this on my 17 inch TV, I mean how in the world can it get better then that…

…oh wait, Kate Winslet or Anne Hathaway could win best Actress (in that order). Yep, that would be perfect.

*added post announcement: Kate Winslet…probably my favorite of the Hollywood A-List, and the fact that she shouted for her dad to “whistle or something” was awesome. And her speech was awesome and referenced Meryl Streep

**also I would like to point out that Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, and Amy Adams all had nominations this year, Wonderful!

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