High heels and Acronyms

First off, with no relevance to the rest of this post: BTWITIAILWY is the best 11 letter acronym. A friend had it up in a facebook message and I sat on my couch yesterday trying to figure it out. Thanks to google and in case you were wondering it means “By The Way I Think I Am In Love With You.” I love text massage acronyms.

Yay 11 letter acronyms…especially ones that only three people figured out (and two out of the three also figured out why I love it, sometimes the obvious answer is in fact the right answer).

But on to the real subject at hand…fashion in the government.

I have worked in what is referred to by many as “Hollywood for Ugly People,” and while I often agree there has been an increased level of attractiveness into the Nation’s Capital as of late. So when Elle Magazine did a spread on female White House staffers dress, I was psyched. In the post, titled Capital Cool, seven member of the new administration are given a new workplace fashion.

First awesome thing…no nylons/pantyhose.

First annoying bit. I worked in an Executive government office as an intern. It was an all female staff. No one wore hose, I really do mean no one. It was awesome. So it’s not a new thing for women to rebel against hose, and are we shocked I mean they are only the most uncomfortable things ever. But needless to say, I will say that I am thrilled that people are doing their best to overcome the nylon industry.

And yes, I agree with a lot of the commenters, a lot of the suggest items just wouldn’t fly in the political scene. I mean an evening dress for day wear…not okay, and jeans in the White House, also really not cool. But the number of people complaining about heels, I mean seriously heels are an active choice. And while sometimes I wear three inch heels for attention, but normally it’s to elevate myself from 5’4′ to a height that maybe commands a little more attention and respect. (And for all those who complained about commuting in stillettos there is a simple solution, it’s called commuting shoes…buy a pair).

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