such a daredevil

So I have my token friend from college. The name, totally can from the fact that after meeting her my mother went…”Oh, your token black friend.” I’m pretty sure when I repeated the story to her we laughed really hard (most since I’m fairly brown in complexion myself). But moving on, the Token Friend and I were talking tonight and the following conversation occured.

me:  so I’m setting myself up to fall off my exercise ball
TF:  how? why?
me:  I’m sitting on it cross legged
TF:  lol, now why?
me:  cause I’m being daring…this is about the only aspect of my life where I’m daring
TF:  lolllll

Yep. Well on my way to falling off, and nope I haven’t fallen off yet. Yay Daredevil me.

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