random quiz

So I love random quizzes, and with that said everyone and their best-friend and their best-friend’s mom have been doing the quizzes on facebook (quizzes and the 5 things posts). It’s clogging up my newsfeed, I mean, I’m sorry to say, I can care less about the how white your are, what 5 types or dogs you wished you owned, or what state your personality says you should live in. Really, I think your current location is all I need.

However, I caved today (but not on facebook, so ha). In an effort to have a mindless at work moment I took the quiz on which fashion designer are you/reflects you. And world, I have two words for you:

Christian. Dior.

Apparently I’m very sophisticated and sexy. This is about the high point of my day. I mean, for an all-round designer…Dior was totally the best on the list (even above Chanel, gasp). I mean it could only get better if he was paired with Christian Louboutin. To bad I can’t afford it, but a girl can dream. Oh yes she can.

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