what I want to be (possibly round 2)

Many a times I think I have waxed poetic about what I want to do with my life. If you have been friends with me for any length of time, you will know that none of them overlap and all of them don’t make sense. But there is one, that right up there with being a firefighter (blame my childhood), that has remained at the core and it always deals with a camera. Couple that with my love of food, and good heavens, food photography became the draw and while I wish I could learn and do it professionally, I’m going to stick with my shoddy attempts. Unlike the websites below:


Really truly, I could stare at those for hours. And if you ask people in my office, I in fact often do. But now, I finally have a purpose. Last week I made the biggest unplanned, “I can’t afford it” purchase ever. She’s beautiful, she’s elegant, and she was more affordable then I could have ever imagined.

She….is my new Canon Digital Rebel Xti.

And obviously there isn’t a photo of her (unless I happen to take one with my phone one day soon). But she’s lovely, and her background is simply that she was lonely at the closing of the Ritz Camera near where I work. And while strolling around last week I popped into the store (cause I mean who can resist a going-out-of-business sale), and there I found her. The last Canon Digital SLR on the shelf. Body Only. For about $150 less then amazon.com would have charged me for a body only camera. Needless to say, I promptly called my mother, had a freak out, and then bought it. Whoa was I not wasting time, especially when a very frat looking boy walked in and asked for a digital SLR. I mean my baby wasn’t going with him. At the end of the day, I ended up with the camera, ordered a lens and a compact flash card for half of what it would have cost me for a lens kit.

I have never been so thrilled; my bank account has never been so empty (actually, that should be…my credit card balance has never been so high).

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