breaking in the camera

This weekend brought monthly brunch, round 13 (or some number like that). But we’re going to hold off on talking about the most amazing thing to ever come out of my oven, cause the camera made it’s debut.

The debut began last night with H and I cleaning my apartment and uncorking a bottle of wine, I should probably clarify that it was Trader Joe’s wine and there wasn’t a cork…it was a twist off.** But I pulled out the camera and my brand new wine glasses and went to town. It was a terrific moment.

And as much as I love that one, this, however, may become one of my favorite random photos:

This, in case anyone wondered, is the cover from a champagne bottle and it may become the new disclaimer photo for any blog posting of a questionable nature (cause you know we have a lot of those here in Cake Throwing territory, or not). More on brunch tomorrow, when I’m awake enough to actually construct a post about cinnamon rolls that includes more then, yuuummmmy and amaaazing. (Yep,including all those extra letters).

*Just an fyi, I meant nothing disparaging against Trader Joe’s and the screw-top wine. A. I love T.J’s B. I only make screw-top jokes because when you have parents with a vineyard, it’s a requirement (especially when they attend conferences with entire sessions on cork v. screw-top) :)

** Second, H has corrected me that there was in fact a cork…I must have been to focused on the cinnamon rolls to remember that I actually put the corkscrew away

2 thoughts on “breaking in the camera”

  1. Just because it was from Joe’s and had a screw cap doesn’t mean it was bad wine. Screw caps are actually the more effective closure and there’s no chance of your wine being corked. I haven’t been by trader joe’s for quite some time now. I think I’ll stop there this weekend. Cheers!

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