Yep. That one word is really channeling the major thoughts of my brain right now. Thoughts that sound something like this:

“Uhhhhh….so yeah, about that.”

About what?? My brain is dying. Instead let’s talk about the summer time or as I’ve coined it “’09: The Summer of Freedom!” Not going to lie, that is actually what I’ve been calling it, complete with the exclaimation point. People may occasionally look at me like I’m nuts. But here is the rational:

I love my job
I can’t afford to go on vacation ever again.
Pretty sure, I love my life…singleness and all.
I have mentally let go of something that has been harping on me for months.
Fit a move to a cheaper location in.
Reorganize all of my stuff, especially the kitchen.
Because I can’t afford to go on vacation, I’m attending 2 concerts thus far and planning an endless supply of baking sessions, brunch and dinner parties.

So I’m living life in the freedom of the moment (and freedom from a few things). And Lord only knows it great. Maybe if I include freedom from J.Crew my budget would also feel a sense of relief.

I’m not looking for a miracle here.

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