What I want to do when I grow-up

So in November, while in the midst of utter job hatred and GRE studying, I posted the following list of obscure thing to do when I regained my life. But as H pointed out, I am enable of functioning without a busy life, it gives me purpose. So today/tonight we revisit the list to see how I’m doing.

  1. Learn how to shoot (random, I know)
  2. Take culinary classes, preferably basic knife skills and/or fine pastries
  3. See people I haven’t seen in months (ahem, B)
  4. Write a children’s story
  5. Read for fun: novels, short stories, foodie books, etc
  6. Fall for a boy…openly and without shame (I wouldn’t use the word fall…let’s go with, intrigued by)
  7. Have a regular gym schedule (hahaha…never happening…let’s just pull that one off the list forever)
  8. Purge the junk from my life (i.e. clean out my closets, yes, closets plural)
  9. Do something I’m passionate about, otherwise known as Dance…lots and lots of Dance *could always be more of this.
  10. Bake more, give away more
  11. Go on one or two day road trips
  12. See musicals/plays/ballets
  13. Figure out how to be a pirate spokesman
  14. Learn how to make a truffle (not the mushroom, the chocolate)
  15. Write letters to one of the West Coast girls
  16. Clean my apartment *it’s a vicious never-ending cycle though
  17. Remember how to grocery shop and eat normal, nutritious meals
  18. Learn how to play the flute…they wouldn’t let me in 4th grade cause I had a mouthful of metal
  19. Visit my Life Partner in the frozen tundra.
  20. Spend more time on Craigslist…I hear rumor there are fun things to be found there *the Token friend sent what happens to be some of the best Craigslist ads ever, hysterical I tell you. Amazing.

However, now with more time and less angsty energy (thank God), I think it’s time to revise the list and somehow in the process of doing so, a bucket list is evolving. (In case this is unclear, I really love lists…especially the “why I’m single list.” Ask about it sometime, cause two words make that whole list: Veggie. Tales.) But without further ado…

What I really, really want to do when I grow-up:

  1. Take culinary classes, basic knife skills and/or fine pastries
  2. Write a children’s story
  3. Read for fun: novels, short stories, foodie books, etc
  4. Make a chocolate soufflé
  5. Have a regular gym schedule (a girl can dream she’ll one day change)
  6. Take a digital photograph course, Fall ’09
  7. Figure out what makes a taco in LA so much better then one in DC (as if that is hard to figure out, but I want to know how they make it so amazing in LA).
  8. Meet Alton Brown, if you don’t know who he is…for shame.
  9. Ballet. Lots and Lots of ballet
  10. Bake more, give away more
  11. Take a Road Trip
  12. Meet Deb from Smitten Kitchen
  13. See more concerts/musicals/plays/ballets
  14. Play the cello (this is a summer plan, and S is my faithful beginning teacher)
  15. Learn how to make a truffles, maybe take a chocolatier course
  16. See the Life Partner more often
  17. Make, Decorate and Stack a Wedding Cake
  18. Hug a penguin

This is the list I actually may work to accomplish. Starting, no joke, with the cello. It’s going to be a great summer.

3 thoughts on “What I want to do when I grow-up”

  1. Furthermore, I think my “why I’m single list” comprises of four words: Extensive. Pooh. Bear. Collection.

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